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Our Dental Hygienists in West have undertaken extensive training in all aspects of preventive dentistry and they play an important role in your dental health care by preventing dental disease and helping you keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Jacqueline and Kate offer gentle care that will leave your mouth feeling healthy and looking great.

  • Advice on your daily oral hygiene routine
  • Regular monitoring of oral health for the first signs of any problems
  • Scaling and polishing teeth and root surface debridement (periodontal treatment) to eliminate harmful plaque and tartar which can cause bad breath
  • Dietary advice to help minimise the risk of decay
  • Fissure sealants to protect back teeth by sealing them against decay
  • Airflow® delivers a highly targeted suspension of sodium bicarbonate in air and water to the teeth enabling easy removal of stains caused by nicotine, red wine, tea and coffee. The treatment ensures fresh clean teeth with immediate results

Jacqueline and Kate believe it is important that good oral hygiene habits should start from an early age and we offer hygiene appointments for children to encourage a positive attitude to oral health.

Why not call us on 01225 422695 to make an appointment with either Jacqueline or Kate for oral hygiene and advice on dental care.

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