Bath Dental Excellence believes in a completely transparent policy regarding its fee structure and will provide you with a treatment plan with associated costs before treatment commences.

As a guide we’ve provided a list of charges covering the cost of general care, dental implants, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry and offer a competitive payment plan to help spread the cost. Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

*Children’s restorations (up to 18 years old) charged at 50% of adult fee

Restorative Treatments

£716.00 - £773.00
£742.00 - £794.00
£742.00 - £794.00
By quotation
£57.00 or £47.00

Full Treatment Planning (for extensive cosmetic & restorative dentistry)

Dental Implants

The guide price below is exclusive of any ancillary treatments that may be required e.g. CT Scans. All aspects of dental implant treatment are specific to an individual’s treatment requirements. Following your consultation, a highly detailed treatment proposal will be provided which will outline all associated costs and any procedures required.
*All aspects of dental implant treatment by quotation.

Specialist Periodontics

All aspects of specialist periodontal treatment by quotation.

Root Canal Treatment

BSE infection control regulations state that all root canal treatment is single instrument use.
All single use rotary files used during root canal treatment will be charged at the trade cost to you.
This will not be more than £35.00 per treatment.

From  £284.00
From  £335.00
From  £531.00