Dental Phobia

For some people anxiety and fear can make a trip to the dentist extremely difficult and uncomfortable. It may be that you have previously had a distressing dental experience or you may have a high gag reflex. Finding the right dentist for you and building a relationship of trust and understanding with them is an important step in dealing with your fears.

The team at Bath Dental Excellence understand that you may be nervous or anxious and endeavour to make sure that your next dental experience is a positive one. Our reception area is a calm and tranquil sitting room with comfortable seating, magazines and papers to read, soothing music in the background and a tea or coffee to help you start your visit with us in pleasurable way. Communication is key and that means listening to you and ensuring that you are put at ease with clear explanations and gentle handling.

If you have a very strong aversion to dental treatment, we can arrange for oral or intravenous sedation so that whilst you remain conscious throughout you will be very relaxed.

Don’t let your fears and anxiety stop you from looking after your teeth.

Lindsay Rogers is a hypnotherapist who having worked as a dentist for many years and enjoys helping people with dental